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Our crystal pleasure wands and yoni eggs are made from 100% natural stone and individually cleansed to help you connect to your divine feminine energy and experience the healing you deserve and the pleasure you desire.

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Intention Setting

Each type of crystal serves a purpose, such as promoting unconditional love, which also make them ideal companions for your meditation practice. Each comes with its own intention setting and cleansing practice to help you manifest all that you desire. Learn more about our products here.


I don’t normally write reviews, and especially when it comes to devices that I use to pleasure myself lol. There’s something so different about using my Divine pleasure products than anything else. I love using tools to connect me with experiencing sexual pleasure. It’s always been kind of a feeling of naughtiness surrounding it. Okay, I’m gonna get a cock ring, I’m gonna get off, etc…. This is so different. Using these crystal pleasure wands is about connection. Connection to myself, connection with my partner, just connection to actual pleasure. Setting an intention when I use them has helped me heal very deep sexual trauma I didn’t even know I wanted to address. It’s so intimate and a totally different sexual experience. They’re beautiful, feel amazinggg and they come with tools and intentions setting tools to really get the most out of having an orgasm. They are not a mad dash to the finish line like vibes are, they are so so so much more.


I’ve never seen pleasure wands and yoni eggs made out of crystals before and I think it’s a wonderful idea! I am a believer that each crystal emits healing energy and what better way to absorb these healing properties that through internal use. Ami is also a supporter for women who have suffered sexual trauma, helping them find pleasure in sexual intimacy again. Her energy is infectious and I really appreciate what she gives to the world.

AmberSmall business owner & Mother

"I ordered the obsidian pleasure wand and tigers eye yoni egg and was truly stunned at their beauty. The order came quickly and opening the package was such a fun experience! Every detail of the packaging is so well thought out & even includes 2 beautiful bags to keep my wand & egg safe (I just traveled to Mexico with my wand & the bag & had no issues! I wasn’t exactly sure how to use my yoni egg but I reached out to Ami and she directed my to a pdf that covered everything I needed to know about my products - so helpful! On top of all of that, my wand and egg are works of art and have gorgeous gold sacral chakra symbol engraved in them which makes me feel so connected & empowered. The wand feels amazing & self pleasuring has never been so fun! I love that her products are thoughtfully sourced & moonlight charged - I tell everyone about these wands / yoni eggs."

KellyBusiness owner