Healing through pleasure

Pleasure and healing go hand-in-hand. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, connecting with our divine feminine energy and deepest desires, we courageously open ourselves to healing and self-love. My Divine Pleasure is a celebration of that journey through intentionally crafted pleasure products. We empower each other to break through shame and limiting beliefs around sex, heal past trauma, and experience the pleasure we all desire and deserve. Because pleasure is our birthright! Our crystal wands and yoni eggs are made from 100% natural stone and individually cleansed to support your journey to healing through pleasure. Each type of crystal serves a purpose, such as promoting unconditional love, which also make them ideal companions for your meditation practice. Each comes with its own intention setting and cleansing practice to help you manifest all that you desire. Learn more about our products here.

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Meet Our Founder

You are on a self-love journey, stepping into your feminine power, finding your inner strength, and exploring your capacity for intense connection and pleasure… and I am right there with you. When I began the healing journey, I didn’t know the role pleasure would play, and that the only way to experience the connection, intimacy, and pleasure I desired meant to be 100% vulnerable with myself and those closest to me. The first time I felt intimately connected to my intuitive power and feminine energy was through the use of crystal wands. They later empowered my partner and I to connect with an intimacy essential for healing. It’s easy to think that we must be healed before we can see our desires come to fruition, but it’s actually through this process that healing takes place. Play + vulnerability = the sweet spot for pleasure—and as it turns out, healing too. Throughout my life and various careers (from bartender to certified doula to coach and podcast host), I’ve connected with women at every stage of self-love and healing. So many of us have experienced trauma, shame, and isolation around sex and intimacy. My Divine Pleasure represents my vision for a more connected world where we ALL experience a deep sense of love, intimacy, and pleasure. May we all find the strength to embrace our true selves and the ones who love and support us, and to find the healing we deserve and the pleasure we desire.

Ami Alexander