Through 1:1 coaching, you will experience
 a safe space to explore more pleasure (sexual and non-sexual), create a deeper relationship with your sexuality, shift your limiting beliefs/blocks around sexuality and sensuality, and explore the power of healing through pleasure practices.

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A lack of intimacy with yourself and partners 

Challenges around finding time for your pleasure practice 

Trouble manifesting love and worthy partners 

The general feeling of unworthiness or being undeserving of love, intimacy, and connection

Guilt or shame around your sexuality 

You are not alone...

Millions of women have struggled with these issues and are seeking a better way to experience their femininity and divinity. Receiving support through sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure coaching will support you in breaking through the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from manifesting your dream life and experiencing pleasure everyday.  


The exploration of sexuality, intimate and emotional blocks, pleasure and how our relationships affect us is a lifelong practice that Ami Alexander has been committed to understanding since her formative years. Therapy, spirituality and the actual study of the mind and body not only inspires but motivates Ami to share her discoveries and journey with others.

Everything Ami is teaching has come from her own experiences of intimacy, pleasure and sexuality. Her objective is to not only offer tools but also offer safe and loving guidance and community; you are not alone in your journey. Her coaching will offer you the courage to expand beyond your self limiting beliefs and experience pleasure, intimacy and love as your birthright.

“I offer a safe space to guide people in exploring more pleasure (sexual and non-sexual), to create a deeper relationship with their sexuality, shift their limiting beliefs/blocks around their sexuality and sensuality. I want everyone to have the tools to explore the power of healing through pleasure thus enhancing their pleasure practices.”
                                                                       - Ami 

Why invest in sexuality, intimacy & pleasure coaching:

You are experiencing a lack of intimacy and pleasure with yourself or partners.

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You have challenges around finding the time and desire for your pleasure practices.

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You have trouble manifesting love and worthy partners and the general feeling of unworthiness or being undeserving of love, intimacy, and connection

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Each individual is unique and has her own experiences and goals so 1:1 sessions will be tailored specifically to you and your needs so you may grow through and thrive beyond the blocks holding you back.Your individualized program will include: 

⚡️ Coaching Sessions (virtual or in person)

⚡️ “In the world” coursework that allows you to integrate and practice your growth outside of sessions

⚡️ Reading recommendations that support your journey

⚡️ Forever access to Ami’s Pleasure Resource Guide

⚡️ Access to Ami Via WhatsApp outside of private sessions

⚡️ The tools, rituals and practices that will allow you to discover your blocks, explore your desires and implement them in your life


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